Bridal Roses 101

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Roses are one of the favorite flowers for weddings. They have a classic appeal and a year round availability that makes them a wonderful option for many different types of weddings. If you are not familiar with the various types of roses that are available, this handy primer will soon have you feeling like an expert.

There are some misconceptions about roses. Many people think that roses are always going to look stuffy or too formal; some brides think that because they are so popular, roses cannot be used to create unique or original floral displays. They think that roses are only appropriate for brides who are wearing elaborate custom bridal gowns with traditional bridal jewelry. In fact, these things are not true. Because roses are grown in such an incredible array of varieties, you will be able to find roses that are more relaxed or have a quirkier charm than you ever might have expected.

The most commonly used type of rose is the hybrid. These are the roses that probably spring to mind when you picture a rose, with their petals arranged in concentric circles with a higher center and a long stem. Classic hybrid roses are the ones that you are most likely to see in the florist's display case. They are particularly popular for weddings thanks to their hardy nature and year round availability. Many of the most classic wedding roses, such as the rich red Black Magic or the lovely white Bianca, are hybrid tea roses.

The hybrid rose is an ideal choice for a bride who loves roses precisely because of their classic style and grace. A round bouquet of a single color and type of rose would be the prefect complement to a wedding gown with a full skirt and pearl custom bridal jewelry. Hybrid roses also look fabulous in combination with flowers such as lisyanthus and hydrangeas.

If you love flowers like lush peonies, then you will adore the large full look of garden roses. These roses are generally bigger than hybrid teas and have an incredible plucked from the garden look, often with a heady scent to accompany it. These roses are gorgeous for centerpieces that are overflowing from garden urns, and work wonderfully with loose and trailing greens. If you are designing a wedding with a romantic English garden flavor, garden roses would be perfect. Garden roses do have some limitations, however; they are more expensive and fragile than hybrid roses, and they are not available in the winter.

This brings us to the spray rose. Spray roses are flowers that grow in clusters of four or five, rather than a single blossom on one long stem such as the hybrid roses have. Spray roses combine beautifully with hybrid or garden roses to add texture and interest to a rose-based bouquet. They are often paired with hybrid or garden roses in the same color. Since they have several blooms on every stem, spray roses are a very popular addition to floral arrangements when you want to quickly add more fullness. They are available in virtually any color, making them even more versatile.

Finally, there are the miniature roses, which just as their name suggests, are small roses. As with the spray roses, mini roses are a wonderful addition to a hybrid rose bouquet or centerpiece. Their petite size adds a nice contrast in scale that will make your displays more interesting. Mini roses are also very sweet for boutonierres and make adorable bouquets for flower girls.

The beauty and availability of roses has made them the gold standard for wedding flowers. From the classic hybrid, the lush garden, the versatile spray, to the darling mini rose, there is a type that will have just the look that you want. Whatever season and whatever your style, there will be a rose that is just perfect for your wedding.

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Bridal Roses 101

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