4 Disadvantages Of Hybrid Cars

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Hybrid cars just like the conventional vehicle have several disadvantages. These disadvantages are not easily realized since producers of hybrids promote the cars advantages and hide its negative features. Due to this, most car buyers end up in regret after buying a hybrid. Regretting the outcome of the car buying process is a result of failure to perform extensive car research before the actual buying process. In order to prevent this from happening to you, this article provides some of the existing disadvantages of hybrid cars that might help you decide whether to buy one or not.

1. Hybrid cars are expensive

The most prominent criticism about a hybrid car is its high market price. Hybrids are usually sold at higher prices. This is because these vehicles use advance technologies. Its batteries for example are powerful and expensive. Thus, the price of its battery contributes to the increase in the cars total price. In addition, producing the electric motor, the customized brakes, and the transmission of this car involves larger capital outlay.

2. Hybrid cars are heavy

Hybrid cars are heavier compared to gas powered cars. You can easily know this fact when you are able to conduct an extensive car research. The primary reason for the increased weight is hybrid cars use of heavy batteries and the additional electric motor. These components contribute to the cars weight.
This is one of the reasons why most hybrid car makers are gradually shifting into the installation of compact and lightweight batteries into their hybrids. For example, the Honda Insight Hybrid uses a lighter and more compact battery pack compared to the previously released Honda Civic Hybrid.

3. Hybrid car occupants are prone to electrocution

The powerful batteries installed on a hybrid became another source of criticism. The battery packs store relatively high voltages and this could possibly cause electrocution to the cars occupants in case of accidents. The batteries used in most hybrids can cause fatal shocks to both the drivers and passengers.

4. Hybrid cars are slower

When it comes to speed, hybrid cars are slower compared to the conventional ones. This is because hybrid cars use smaller engines for increased fuel efficiency. In addition to this, a hybrid car travels slower when shifted to electric mode. This is the reason why car owners with the passion for speed would not switch to hybrid cars.
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4 Disadvantages Of Hybrid Cars

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This article was published on 2011/02/03